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About Us

A part of GPU Corporation based in Indonesia and Singapore, GPU Technology is a service provider targeted at e-learning solutions. Highly oriented towards the expansion of digital education, we offer bespoke education platforms with responsive performance, streamlined features and innovative ideas. We combine quality and top service to enhance your business value, all through the delivery of e-learning platforms that can be customized to your needs.

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Learn more about services below :
  • E-learning for school
  • E-learning for short course
  • E-learning for academy or university

E-learning for school

Similar to the conventional idea of school teaching, GPU Technology E-learning for school uses mass-learning method for same level students. This platform allows multiple students to access classroom at the same time to study an arranged particular subject.

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E-learning for short course

GPU Technology Short Course e-learning platform is arranged based on the schedule system that has been set by a specific institutions. One or a group of students can refer to the program and join the platform to begin studying.

E-learning for short course can be applied to any type of learning, from normal short courses, work certification, job training and other specific group or institutional needs.

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E-learning for academy or university

E-learning for academy or university with GPU Technology uses 1:1 teaching method. The subject and schedule can be set as per user/student to, which enables each student to study different subjects individually

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Our Best Features

Automated Integrated Schedule

Automatically integrates available schedules (student & teacher) with ongoing teaching timetable

Worksheet Analyzing

Locate a specific error on worksheets to re-assess students’ weakness

File Documents

Upload and download documents for users’ easy access

Audio, Video & Text

Efficient learning process through embedded third party audio, videos and text at anytime

Messaging & Announcement

Send message within personal users or make an announcement to all parties involved (teachers & users)

Unlimited Users

Our platform has no limit on user numbers, allowing you to add students or teachers with ease


Highly responsive in multi devices for the best e-learning experience

Modern Design

Sophisticated interface with modern design, making it easier to use in UI or UX

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Best Packages

IDR 25.000
*Price user/month
  • All Basic Features
  • Premium Menu
  • Premium Template
*Price user/month
  • All Basic Features
  • Premium Menu
  • Premium Template

Comparison Table Package E-Learning

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FEATURES Package Custom
Unlimited Users check check
Basic Menu add_circle_outline
  • Announcement to group
  • Personal message
  • User (Student & Teacher management)
  • Basic task/exam/text
  • Basic learning/lesson material
  • Comment/discuss management
  • Class management
  • Subjects management
  • Schedule management
  • Setting
  • Email template
  • Delete data
check check
Premium Menu add_circle_outline
  • Task/question management
  • Import/export data for student
  • Customizable task
  • Print student profile information
  • Reference link
  • Print question/task/worksheet
  • Question analysis
  • Basic competence analysis
  • Workgroup task
check check
Basic Template check check
Premium Template check check
Complete Worksheets check check
Custom Domain remove Add-on
Face Recognition remove Add-on
Import/Export Data Users check check
Worksheet Settings check check
Print User Profile Info check check
Reference Link check check
Print Worksheet check check
Question Analysis check check
Achievement & Basic Competence Analysis check check
24/7 Access check check